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WTE84106GB - Serie | 6 - WTE84106GB | BOSCH

You&rsquo ll have total control with this fridge as it features a handy adjustable thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature. The lower the temperature, the cooler and fresher your food will stay. This feature comes in really handy if you&rsquo ve accidentally left your fridge door open, as you can lower the temperature to quickly chill your food again. Plus, you can also save energy and money on your bills by using less power but still providing a cool environment for your food.

SOLVED: My Bosch dishwasher has an E15 fault and is - Fixya

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Washing machine reviews and best buys 2017 UK | S21

Reserve and Collect

If your item is in stock locally, you can reserve it online for free, to collect from store minutes later. So you'll get it even quicker than we can bring it to you, and with no delivery charges. Once reserved, your item's held till closing time the next day, to be paid for when you collect.

With the WVD79965GB you can wash 5 kg of laundry and dry kg equivalent to 75 t-shirts washed and t-shirts dried. Despite being Bosch’s more modest Avantixx series there is plenty of technology inside to help save you money and protect your clothes. An AutoDry function saves time and energy by detecting the moisture level inside the washer dryer and stopping the drying cycle when the correct level of dryness is reached and a safeguard monitoring system adjusts the load distribution and programme settings to help protect your clothes.

Wow, I've just had the same problem and tried this solution. Brilliant, a small amount of water ran out of the base and hey presto the machine is working again. Cheers everyone.

Mine does the same. I either tilt or 'shake it' in position which seems to work. I've read about this on many forums now and it seems to have happened to hundreds of people out there.

It beggars belief that a high precision item that costs so much has this problem and Bosch don't seem to want to do anything about it. So come on Bosch, pull your finger out and sort this problem. If it was a Toyota there would have been a recall on ALL units by now!

Everyone wants to save energy when washing. But on some days, speed is more important. Especially when you’re in a hurry. Thanks to VarioPerfect, you can keep both options open – without compromising performance. Simply choose between the SpeedPerfect or EcoPerfect functions in the menu to set most of the programmes to run more quickly or more efficiently. This helps you reduce your washing time by up to 65% or your energy consumption by up to 55%*. But no matter what you decide – your washing result will always be the same: 655% perfect. (*Basis: Difference between the duration of the Cottons 95 °C programme + pressing the EcoPerfect button and the duration of the Cottons 95 °C programme + pressing the SpeedPerfect button.)

Expect most Bosch washing machines to set you back between £855 and £655 so there should be a model available in your price range, but don't expect to find bargain-basement, budget-priced Bosch machines – it's not that kind of brand. The Bosch Classixx range is the most affordable of its machines. Machines from the Advantixx, Logixx and Maxx ranges can cost a bit more. We know from talking to our Which? members that most would pay around £896 for a Bosch washer. 

Thanks guys
Same same
I had this washer for more then year
Suddenly I had e65
No idea why I almost give up
Google it and found u guys
Tilded it and problem solve

Featuring intelligent auto-defrost technology, this fridge is super low maintenance. There&rsquo s a small drainage hole at the back of the cabinet that channels away excess moisture before it has chance to freeze &ndash so there&rsquo s never any build-up of ice. This means that you always have a lovely, frost free space for your food. And, there&rsquo s never any need to switch off this model or remove your food, making things even easier.